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We have an extensive catalogue of different dado rails. Because we engineer our own tooling we are able to reproduce any dado rails that you require.

Please browse our catalogue below or contact us for further information.

Dado Rail-D1

D1 - W:41 x H:18
Moulding Height:41

Dado Rail-D12

D12 - W:44 x H:28
Moulding Height:44

Dado Rail-D13

D13 - W:47 x H:28
Moulding Height:47

Dado Rail-D18

D18 - W:120 x H:18
Moulding Height:66

Dado Rail-D19

D19 - W:76 x H:52
Moulding Height:76

Dado Rail-D20

D20 - W:48 x H:31
Moulding Height:48

Dado Rail-D21

D21 - W:80 x H:36
Moulding Height:80

Dado Rail-D22

D22 - W:46 x H:18
Moulding Height:46

Dado Rail-D24

D24 - W:45 x H:18
Moulding Height:45

Dado Rail-D25

D25 - W:68 x H:28
Moulding Height:68

Dado Rail-D26

D26 - W:31 x H:20
Moulding Height:31

Dado Rail-D27

D27 - W:42 x H:75
Moulding Height:75

Dado Rail-D28

D28 - W:45 x H:22
Moulding Height:45

Dado Rail-D29

D29 - W:94 x H:21
Moulding Height:94

Dado Rail-D3

D3 - W:44 x H:21
Moulding Height:44

Dado Rail-D30

D30 - W:72 x H:45
Moulding Height:72

Dado Rail-D31

D31 - W:36 x H:16
Moulding Height:36

Dado Rail-D32

D32 - W:89 x H:46
Moulding Height:89

Dado Rail-D33

D33 - W:53 x H:41
Moulding Height:53

Dado Rail-D34

D34 - W:40 x H:34
Moulding Height:40

Dado Rail-D35

D35 - W:70 x H:21
Moulding Height:70

Dado Rail-D36

D36 - W:67 x H:20
Moulding Height:67

Dado Rail-D37

D37 - W:70 x H:28
Moulding Height:70

Dado Rail-D38

D38 - W:58 x H:27
Moulding Height:58

Dado Rail-D39

D39 - W:68 x H:19
Moulding Height:68

Dado Rail-D6

D6 - W:50 x H:32
Moulding Height:50

Dado Rail-D8

D8 - W:50 x H:25
Moulding Height:50

Dado Rail-D9

D9 - W:59 x H:25
Moulding Height:59

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